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Our military members are on the move, often relocating each year or more frequently. International relocation is extremely common and families must often conduct a "PCS" (Permanent Change of Station) on short notice. Building web-based systems that can always be accessible to the mobile military member and family requires attention to detail and a familiarity with the military marketplace. R&B has over 10 years of history serving military-related projects and users.

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In a 2008-10 timeframe, as R&B Communications continued to build out the housing website for the military, it became clear that our men and women in the armed forces faced many other challenges beyond just "housing". With frequent PCS moves (Permanent Change of Station), and many military members already married with children, locating providers for qualified daycare, or a used car, or a part-time job for the military spouse all became very important. Oftentimes, the lead-time for a military move is measured in just a few weeks – leaving very limited time to research schools or to sell existing vehicles or furniture that would be too expensive to move. There existed a clear need for a military-friendly on-line classifieds!

In 2011, R&B Communications launched SargesList is the "Craigslist" of the military community, providing a free worldwide classifieds site with coverage of nearly 400 U.S. military bases around the globe. In 2013, we partnered with Gannet Government Media to produce the new Military Times Classifieds (, a co-branded online portal providing free, trusted classifieds for the United States military communities. Sargeslist users can look for jobs or housing, or research local military events in the "military life" section or hunt for special offers in the "deals" section. Users can buy or sell items like cars, furniture, computers, or even diapers! The site provides a military-friendly set of services to ease the difficulties associated with frequent relocations. Users can even find helpful information and military contacts for the location they are moving to!

SargesList has developed a loyal and substantial following that has boosted site traffic and postings of goods and services for sale.

  • Over 20,000 visitors per month visit SargesList
  • Over 400 military bases have activity within SargesList on a monthly basis
  • Leading military providers advertise their products on SargesList
  • SargesList powers the classifieds for industry news leader owned by TEGNA (formerly Gannett Government Media).
  • SargesList blogs and articles appear throughout the media with extensive references from the SargesList PCS Guide.
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