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Titan America is a CNC Machining manufacturing facility located in Rocklin, California. The company was opened in 2005 and specializes in aerospace and medical parts and components.

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Titan Manufacturing is a CNC machining company that supplies complex precision parts to various customers. In 2013, the company's founder, Titan Gilroy, was selected to star in a new reality television program called "Titan American Built". While the new project was a very exciting one, the company would need to relocate 30 miles, and their headcount was going to more than double very quickly. Not only did R&B have to get the new facility fully "IT ready", there was also the new requirement to support the data backup and archiving of hours of daily video footage obtained on-location. A small team of "editors and producers" were now new employees of Titan American Built and they would have data storage and retrieval needs beyond your wildest imagination!

R&B implemented, with the help of staff from Titan American Built, a set of backup and storage drives to handle literally the terabytes of daily video content. Backup routines were configured and R&B worked very closely with the Titan on-site team. Everything did not always go smoothly as initial data storage requirements were under-estimated and additional storage had to be configured and brought online without disrupting the daily filming. There was little room for error as the filming cost per hour is very expensive and the editors needed almost immediate access to footage from the same day as well as weeks prior. A tough challenge!

Titan American Built is currently enjoying their second season (2015) on MAV TV and doing very well! The data backup and storage challenges remain very significant, but the teams at Titan and R&B have developed the necessary systems to handle the crushing load.

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