R&B has worked with some of the world’s most demanding automotive companies at both the end user and dealer network level to ensure timely access to critical information and transaction details.

Consumer Retail

R&B has a wealth of experience in the consumer retail space with hundreds of web-based retail environments designed, deployed, and supported.


The Government sector often has unique requirements for compliance and user accessibility. R&B is familiar with these requirements having worked at both the Federal, State, and Local levels.

Health Care

R&B understands the unique requirements for performing in the Healthcare Industry – in particular patient privacy and compliance with HIPAA.

Real Estate

Designing effective web-based systems for the real estate industry is a most challenging area. Buyers and Agents need real-time data and they typically need it from the field.

US Military

R&B has over 10 years of history serving military related projects and users.


Working with California Charter Schools, R&B understands the challenges these schools face and the critical need for information infrastructure to support state audits and student attendance record-keeping

Cyber Security

Cyberthreats pose a huge challenge today to businesses of all sizes and R&B has developed key expertise and technology in this area.

R&B addresses all requirements from concept to sustaining operations...

We have the experience, the desire, and the team to tackle your IT needs – whether they be routine outsourcing or developing something very new and innovative.