Consumer Retail Solutions

R&B has a wealth of experience in the consumer retail space with hundreds of web-based retail environments designed, deployed, and supported.

Supporting web-based retail solutions requires far more than integrating payment capabilities. Inventory tracking, product configurations, and shipping/logistics must often be tied in for potentially thousands of SKUs.

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Bud’s faced a major challenge when their aging computing infrastructure failed and was no longer economically viable to upgrade or maintain. Thousands of SKUs, customer records, shipping, and payment processes would all have to be moved to a new platform. The transition would need to be as seamless as possible so that the daily flow of incoming customer orders would not be impacted.

R&B moved Bud’s website and back-end functions to the Magento e-Commerce platform in 2016-17 and effectively replaced the web based computing platform that had been supporting Bud’s sales, inventory tracking, and fulfillment operations. Numerous open source Magento extensions were integrated to provide the specialized functionality that Bud’s required.

Bud’s was able to maintain their existing web based operations and customer storefront on the open-source Magento platform at a fraction of the cost that would have been required to match all of the functionality of the older platform that they had been running on for years. While the new platform did not always fully measure up to the previous system, it did allow Bud’s to maintain their ongoing operations and in some areas was able to provide new functionality such as online inventory tracking.

R&B addresses all requirements from concept to sustaining operations...

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