Our Work: Projects & Client Case Studies

AHRN with JumpCrew

  • Military / Real Estate Solutions
  • www.ahrn.com
  • Development: Public Web Sites

JumpCrew — based in Nashville, TN — acquired AHRN.com in March 2018 and immediately retained R&B to manage the website development, hosting, and maintenance. Many changes were needed for this high traffic website including a seamless transition from a multi-server hardware configuration to a cloud based hosting solution.

AHRN was originally architected and launched by R&B Communications in partnership with Runzheimer International, for the Department of Defense (DOD). You can read about the site's beginnings here.

RIDEN: Real-Time Intergrated Defense Network

  • Cyber Security Solutions
  • www.riden.io
  • Development: Custom Software

RIDEN was developed initially by R&B Communications as a tool to protect our own internal network of servers from intruders and malicious attacks. Over time, this evolved into developing a tool that others could use as well, that would leverage a "community of users" to produce an optimized "Blocklist" of known attackers. We leverage this tool for our clients and are developing different areas for extending the RIDEN service offering in the cyber security space, including Magento plugins, Wordpress plugins, small firewall appliances, and full-fledged network security.

Parent Portal for Charter Schools

  • Education Industry Solutions
  • Development: Custom Software

In 2018 R&B was asked to build a Parent Portal that would be accessible to teachers, parents, and school administrators. The Portal would need to support DocuSign digitally signed attendance rollsheets so that virtual meetings between teachers and students/families could be properly logged for audit compliance purposes. Our Solution – R&B built a password protected Parent Portal in which all parties could hold “virtual meetings” and view and digitally sign necessary documents, including attendance records and student agreements. This project had many challenges including many compromises needed to move an existing paper system to the web.

Aero, Inc.

  • Corporate Solutions
  • Consulting Services: IT Infrastructure

A local manufacturer of precision parts for the aerospace industry had a unique challenge: their customers are continuously updating their order requirements across hundreds of different part numbers. R&B developed custom reporting software that integrated with their ERP system enabling the company to more efficiently track and manage production planning and order fulfillment.

Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District

NSAQMD provides vital information to County residents in Nevada County, CA via a website that details information on air quality, burn days, vapor recovery and others. This client-facing website had not been updated in any significant way for over 10 years when R&B was hired in 2016.

Charis Youth Center

  • Health Care Industry Solutions
  • www.360icm.com
  • Development: Custom Software

Charis Youth Center needed a system that could track the progress of their adolescent clients via a centralized database driven system capable of capturing all services, medications, and outcomes.

R&B performed the requirements analysis, architected the system, and designed the user interface and flow for this robust case management system.

ACTS/Forest Charter School

  • Education Industry Solutions
  • Development: Custom Software

Forest Charter School wanted to track the data required for their ADA attendance compliance audits more efficiently and effectively. R&B built from scratch in 2016 a secure, web-based system ('ACTS') that Forest Charter uses today.

AHRN.com with Runzheimer International

  • Military / Real Estate Solutions
  • www.ahrn.com
  • Development: Public Web Sites

In 2004, in partnership with Runzheimer International, The R&B Communications team architected and helped launch the Automated Housing Referral Network (AHRN.com) for the Department of Defense (DoD).

In March 2018, JumpCrew acquired AHRN.com and today R&B remains a technical partner for development, hosting, and system support for this high traffic, high availability website. You can read more about the current site here.

California Department of Parks and Recreation

For the Cal Parks website, we implemented a turn-key fulfillment capability for California State Park passes. This included designing a page with customer registration and authentication capabilities, shopping cart and payment options, and fulfillment reporting for Cal Parks.


SargesList is the “Craigslist” of the military community! We provide a free worldwide classifieds site with coverage of nearly 400 U.S. military bases around the globe. In 2013, we partnered with Gannet Government Media to produce the new Military Times Classifieds (militarytimes.com/classifieds), a co-branded online portal providing free, trusted classifieds for the United States military communities.


R&B developed and currently powers CityAppMaker to create beautifully customized apps for cities and venues that are available on iPhone and Android.

Titan America

Titan America is a CNC Machining manufacturing facility located in Rocklin, California. The company was opened in 2005 and specializes in aerospace and medical parts and components.

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