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R&B understands the unique requirements for performing in the Healthcare Industry -- in particular, client privacy and compliance with HIPAA. We work with numerous large medical practices that must maintain and extend client recordkeeping, billing, and confidential correspondence in a safe and secure fashion. Data backups and Business Continuity Planning are especially critical in the Healthcare arena.

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Charis Youth Center needed a system that could track the progress of their adolescent clients via a centralized database-driven system capable of capturing all services, medications, and outcomes. The adolescent clients required direct supervision at all times given the very difficult medical and emotional issues they faced. Many required one-on-one supervision at all times. Paper records of daily activities, staff assessments, and medicines dispensed were a continuous challenge and there was no easy way to analyze the recent history or progress of a given client.

R&B performed the requirements analysis, architected the system, and designed the user interface and flow to develop for Charis in 2010, a case management system which was named 360 ICM (Integrated Case Management). The system was deployed and accessible at multiple Charis locations by staff members who could access the password-protected system from any Internet-enabled location. Using laptop PC systems, staff members were able to enter and retrieve vital and timely data specific to a client without leaving the area where the client was. By 2015, the 360 ICM system has grown to provide critical day-to-day operational data to the Charis staff. For 2016, there are plans to further expand and enhance the system capabilities and output reports.

Many benefits have been realized with the 360 ICM system at Charis. Some of the greatest benefits, however, have been:

Improved Client Data Access – the 360 ICM Case Management System has allowed Charis staff members to very quickly access client data and analyze trends or historical information much more efficiently than before. Prior to 360 ICM, client records were often incomplete.

More Complete Client Records – similarly, the 360 ICM system has streamlined the process for the staff and case workers to enter reports and information pertinent to a given client. Data entry occurs often while the staff member is with the client – ensuring more comprehensive reporting and accuracy of information.

Supervisory Oversight of Treatment Programs – with the 360 ICM system, staff supervisors and outside authorized parties can monitor more carefully and comprehensively the quality and timeliness of the client treatment programs.

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