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Non-classroom based charter schools in California must retain samples of student work to substantiate Average Daily Attendance funding. These samples must be available on demand for auditors who review and approve the student attendance/funding requirements. The Attendance Compliance Tracking System (ACTS) was created by R&B to fill this need for Forest Charter.

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Forest Charter School in Nevada City, CA needed an automated means to store, retain, and retrieve specific student assignment samples. These samples are required as part of attendance monitoring by the State of California and are audited periodically to ensure the school is meeting the requirements. Forest Charter administrators and teachers were spending considerable time maintaining files with thousands of paper records of these student samples. The process was very time consuming and visibility as to which student samples were still missing was a challenge. School administrators had to invest considerable time prior to audits ensuring that all necessary student samples would be readily available and accessible for the auditor to review.

R&B developed an automated means to store and retrieve all student samples for Forest Charter School. Teachers log in to a secure web interface and then upload images of their student samples. Samples are retained and accessible by student, teacher, date, and semester (or learning period). All samples are “watermarked” with this vital information including “Class Title”, Sample #, Student Grade, and Credit Hours. Administrators (and Auditors) can find what they need right away! Color coded dashboards provide administrators immediate visibility on “missing samples” or on teachers that are “behind” in uploading their student samples.

The system was in testing during much of the 2016-2017 academic year and many improvements were identified by Forest Charter that have now been incorporated. In the time since we've recieved glowing reviews from School Administrators, as included here:

"ACTS has been far more efficient than what we did previously. The big savings are on the 'back end' where the teachers have to check and verify if they have each paper sample." -Peter Sagebiel, Principal, Forest Charter School, Nevada City, CA

"Each student sample in ACTS is automatically 'watermarked' with all the information that the auditor is going to want to see. Everything is right there." -Debbie Carter, Business Director, Forest Charter School, Nevada City, CA

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