Consulting Services

R&B Communications is a “hands-on” technology company. We make things work and pride ourselves in knowing how to design, develop, and deploy complex IT solutions for our clients. In many cases, the client needs to adjust to changing business conditions and needs to adapt their IT systems accordingly.

In other cases, we are engaged by the client AFTER an IT system is installed and the client is experiencing problems. So, we don’t really consider ourselves “consultants” in the classic sense. We can’t wait to get past the “analysis” part and into the “implementation” phase because we know that is what will most benefit our clients.


Infrastructure optimization is a highly leveraged area for most businesses. Whether it be adding an additional server to increase network throughput or shoring up those areas where your network is vulnerable to outside attack, this is an area to focus careful attention. R&B can help you to improve in these areas quickly.

Systems / Tool Integration

This is really where the rubber meets the road. Does your operation work efficiently? Is the necessary data and reporting output available where needed, and is it accurate? Does your staff perform extra work because your IT systems do not talk to each other? Do you have disconnected “silos” of information, or are your primary tools connected on a platform that addresses your business needs? R&B can audit your systems and quickly identify the low hanging fruit to focus on for the greatest financial return.

New Opportunities

IT planning should occur in parallel with plans for new businesses or opportunities. Every business today relies heavily upon IT solutions to push information to where it is needed. Engaging early with a qualified IT solutions provider like R&B can avoid costly mistakes and ensure a proper IT framework is put in place to accommodate the needs of the new business. All too often, a new business is hobbled due to inadequate and broken IT systems.

Business Continuity

No one likes paying for insurance until they have an accident. In the IT world, loss of data can have a serious impact on a business. Imagine losing just one day’s worth of sales or inventory records. Similarly, imagine losing your customer contact list. These types of major issues can be prevented in most cases, or at the very least, the impact greatly minimized. Does your company have a “DRP” (Disaster Recovery Plan)? If not, R&B has experience in working with clients to develop one that is right for you.

R&B addresses all requirements from concept to sustaining operations...

We have the experience, the desire, and the team to tackle your IT needs – whether they be routine outsourcing or developing something very new and innovative.