California Department of Parks and Recreation

For the Cal Parks website, we implemented a turn-key fulfillment capability for California State Park passes. This included designing a page with customer registration and authentication capabilities, shopping cart and payment options, and fulfillment reporting for Cal Parks.

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The California State Parks system manages 280 different parks across the state of California. Entrance to these parks requires paying an admission fee, which represents a significant source of revenue to the State for maintaining the quality of these parks, as well as the experience for the visitor. Sales of season passes to the California Parks is a very significant revenue source as well, and there are several different types of passes that may be purchased: single park, multiple parks, etc.

In March of 2015, R&B was asked if we could develop and deploy a brand new pass fulfillment web capability for the California Parks that would be live within 45 days. The new fulfillment site had many difficult technical issues to overcome, however, the challenge was accepted!

R&B developed a turn-key fulfillment website with full customer registration and authentication capabilities. Only members of the California State Parks are permitted to purchase passes to the various parks and therefore any user that was not a registered member had to be re-directed to a membership site.

The site required a full-featured shopping cart as well as a payment system so that payments via credit card as well as PayPal could be accepted. The site had to match the look and feel of the existing California Parks websites, and any redirects between the sites needed to be seamless to the user. There was also a very particular set of reporting capabilities required so that pass fulfillment operations could be implemented immediately as the site went live. All was completed several days prior to the deadline, and within budget!

It is too early to fully measure the impact of the new California Parks fulfillment site in terms of sales or efficiencies gained. With less than one year of experience, the site has performed very well through the two busiest seasons (Spring and Summer) of the year. Site maintenance has been minimal and the site has experienced no significant down time since going live in April 2015. User requests for help are modest and have not generated requests for better on-site use instructions for prompts. Fulfillment operations have proceeded smoothly and there have been no requests for new data-reporting output. As anticipated, the site is reducing labor costs in both the sales and fulfillment functions of the California State Parks.

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