In alignment with our mission to provide the highest return on investment, we believe in the power of open source technology and its ability to do good in our marketplaces. For both systems design and application development, we emphasize open source where we feel it is a good fit for our clients. Otherwise, we deploy and support Microsoft environments where needed / required.

For our web development projects and our internal systems, we are a LAMP development shop (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) that employs agile development project management. Agile development stresses iterative and early releases to client for review and feedback development cycles to reduce time to launch and resulting in a better end product.

For hosting, our PCI compliant and SAS compliant data center located in Sacramento, CA provides the highest data security offering available.

"Charis Youth Center is a leader in the field of Youth and Family Services. R&B Communications is making it possible for us to track with precision our individual case management by developing the ability for us to work with "Dashboard" technology. The result will be quality assurance of our services and precision reporting to the California counties and school districts we serve."
Charis Youth Center

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